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Being a wedding photographer means to have an ability to observe people and their emotions. They both can be so different. Therefore we love a photography and especially weddings due to their unpredictability. We are storytellers and hence document every wedding in a unique way. From the beggining to the end in the most natural way. Furthermore we do not influence an action. If you are looking for a photographer who will document most emotional and touchy moments in your life – you found the right team.
Travelling and meeting new people inspire us to document their stories. Our home is United Kingdom and we mainly work in: Manchester, Stoke, Birmingham,
Cheshire, Staffordshire, West Midlands, North West however destination photograhy is what we desire and inspire us. Therefore we had great opportunities to photograph in Poland, Norway, Spain, Portugal and Germany. We’d love to travel and tell stories with pictures! Feel free to visit our blog and section about us to explore our style and the latest posts.
If you feel a connection to our work, let’s start to talk and be in touch!
Wedding in Cheshire: photos

We are the Box of Love – wedding photographers based in southern Cheshire, UK. Our style is connection of reportage, documentary and landscape photography which builds unique feeling. We are based in a small town: Alsager thus we mainly document weddings in Cheshire and Staffordshire but also North West, Midlands, UK and entire Europe as destination photographers.

We photograph weddings together what gives two different vantage points and your story can by told in the best & interesting ways. If you feel a connection we encourage you to contact and meet us regardless distance.


Wedding photography session

We love travelling and document locations where we are. The greatest pleasure is when we have opportunity to document weddings in the places we haven’t ever been to. It stimulates our imagination and push us to show beauty of those locations We have already been lucky to photograph in Poland, Germany, Norway, Spain and Portugal. If you plan to organize wedding in some exoctic place, we’d love to document it!

Engagement session: photographer

We love to document pure emotions between people. The engagement, first glance or honeymoon sessions are one the most beautiful and cameral ones to show what is between couples. Our flexibility and open mind for new relations build trust with our clients to make the sessions sucessful and expose true emotions. We organize them in different locations – again, distance doesn’t matter. To see some engagement sessions clik here.

Wedding photos - capture the moment

We are storytellers and thus believe that one good picture can say more than thousand words. Street photography is our main inspiration and one of the hardest filed in the photography. It can be defined as being close to the action but also very discrete. We  are very close during weddings and do not influence or direct but capture event in the most natural way. What is more, we try to put many stories on single picture keeping rules of the right composition. It is worth having less number of meaningfull pictures than hundereds of repeated shots. If you are more interested and wish to know more we encourage to go through the section about us.