Cheshire wedding photographer

2016 was special for us in different ways. Firstly we started a very stric edition* of the stories to reflect a true atmosphere of a given event. As far as we trust in the good quality we are getting better and better in this matter. Another big involvement is the website – our portfolio. It is finally looking as we wanted, but there is a huge portion of work in front of us. The design is 100% our work so we spent here most of our time.

In terms of photography skills we reached the breake-through point. It twisted our minds in the direction of street photography. We are fascinated by the ‚classic’ photographers who took their pictures with analogue cameras and modern shooters as well. It made us more mature, distanced to our work and much more sensitive to the sorrounding environment. We spend every free evening exploring the icons like Halsman, Kubota, Gaumy or the Webbs, and feel like just starting a marathone run!

After 2016 we have a great feeling because we know how to work during either wedding reportages full of layers, action and spontaneity shoots or cameral, intimate photosessions with couples. However the biggest challanges are in front of us. The first one is to improve street shooting skills, be mentally open and overcome the barriers. We have strong background with fantastic insights how to make it and us better! This is our mission state for the current year. All in all, less talking more shooting, so feel invited to watch the following, very short movie with our favourite shots.


Music by L.King

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