FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Are you in doubts? We'd love to help you

Through the years of documenting weddings, events and photographying streets many people asked us very different questions. We enjoy discussions about photography, describing our style because we are very passionate about our work. It gives you a better picture of us and what makes our photography different than others.

1. What documentary photography is?

Documentary photojournalism is a wide term which covers many aspects. In simple words it is totally unobtrusive and candid type of photography. No directing, setting scenes or influencing you. We are professionals and our task is to document your day the best we can and capture it exactly as it is. We don’t manipulate or don’t ask for repeating scenes. It is our job to photograph you in the way you look great and most important – it is your day and have fun! Most spontagnous shoots are the best and will make you laugh after decades.

Another thing is that we are not afraid to come closer and observe interactions between people. This is what street photography tought us. People are open and we do so! We are not afraid to enter the croud and take pictures from short distances.

2. What makes you different and more attractive than other photographers?

The answer will be longer. First of all the style which is defined as documentary and the way we approach every wedding. We are 100% focused and observe every detail to press the shutter at the right moment. Every single picture is the story which consists of precious moments, according to the rules of right composition and exposure. You get the highest quality. Another part is that we take pictures together – two separate perspectives can record more and be in two places in the same time. Moreover we mitigate the risk of the gear failure or potential accidents.

Secondly our postprocessing which is far different from standard techniques as every picture is enhanced. Third thing is related with the way we present and hand-over our work. We prepare online galleries which can be imidiatelly shard to your family and friends, USB drives with full resolution pictures allows you printing even 60×40 cm and our favourite part – the albums which are included in every package. Hand-crafted, with leather finishing and 10 years warranty.

We don’t treat existance at the wedding market as a competition between photographers or being more attractive than someone else. Everything depends on the style you are looking for. If you are keen on cheesy poses we may recomend some other photographers. We respect everyone and encourage to take a look deeply at full stories and comparing the quality.

3. How many hours do you cover?

We don’t specify hours of coverage. For full day cover the topic is simple – we start at preparations and end after reception/dancing/coctail. If you ask us to stay longer we will do, so you don’t have to worry.

Half day covers generally take place from preparations till speaches and cutting cake. It lasts more or less half day and here the story is similar – we will stay longer if you need 🙂

4. How many pictures we get?

It depends on the package you will choose. We don’t define exact number of pictures because everything depends on the event, however we always set the minimum number of pictures. For half day cover we generally provide minimum 250 pictures and for full day at least 400 pictures. We had weddings full of action where we provided even 700 frames. Our main goal is to provide you a complete record of your wedding.