Places for wedding photos in Cheshire

Wedding venues: Cheshire

We are the Box of Love wedding photographer Cheshire. Our home is in Alsager small town at the countryside where we rest, gain distance to our work and get inspiration from classic photographers.

The following places listed below are our favourite venues where we had opportunities to photograph with short description of those marvelous locations.

Our favourite places for wedding photos

The Oak Tree of Peover

Oak Tree of Peover: Cheshire wedding

Oak Tree of Peover is a unique contemporary wedding venue which is located in the heart of Cheshire surrounded by stunning countryside views. The surrounding allows to organize first glance session nearby. It is definetly one of our favourite venues!

If you wish to visit the website click and we ecourage to visit our blog and have a look at the story of Rebecca & James.

Palm House

Palm House: Cheshire Wedding

The glasshouse is located in the Sefton Park in Liverpool. It’s one of the most interesting architectural object to photograph but also very demanding. A lot of light entering into this place makes some dificulties but repay with amazing pictures. Click here to find out more about this stunning place!